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The Academy of Genetic Sciences, Inc. is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information about diets, exercise plans, food labels and food quality, health issues, nutrition, recipes that support real metabolic and cellular functions, safe and supportive supplements, and lifetime wellness plans.  
At the Academy the focus is on the individual, what they can reasonably accomplish within their health profile and what their level of commitment is to “change“ in their daily routine.

For example, if you live your life as though you are Superperson, then you have to know your Blood Type, your Rh factor, your Secretor Status, and now your Geno Type.  Knowing this information can change your thinking from reactive to proactive when making health decisions.  You can assess the pluses or minuses of an exercise program, food selections,  medicines, supplements or medical treatments. 
Genetic Science ~~ Epigenetics~~ Secretor
Do these terms apply to you?  In a word “yes”. Now that people are becoming aware of the importance of genetics they need to learn the importance of DNA encoding in their blood and their cells (A to T, C to G).  Epigenetics, the science of how our genes respond to their  environment  inside and out side of the womb.  Secretor status, are you part of the 80% of the population who produce your blood type antigen in your body fluids, or are you in the 20% who do not have this layer of protection. 

We speak an entirely new language today when it comes to health we use words like DNA, Genetics, Epigenetics, Angiogenesis, secretors, non-secretors, antigens, pliable, brittle, gluten, lectins, insulin tolerant and intolerant, obesity, adrenaline, cortisol, and many more words that can describe a health function or dysfunction.  Each of these words independently or collectively and many thousands of other words used today can have an overwhelming impact on you the person.           

If you as an individual want to live your future in a state of marvelous exuberant health, not just good health, you have to educate yourself now.  Learn how your blood is a roadmap to your future and how your DNA will give you a Personal Life Plan.  You came with instructions and now we are able to read the guide book to implement the plan. It is never to late to feel better and be more energetic.      
Your Lifetime Wellness Plan is available to you. Now you can have a hands on approach to a wellness program that is based on your specific information.  Do you know what your risk is for certain diseases based on your blood type or DNA history?  Does you family have a history of traceable diseases?  Has your body begun to rebel against certain foods, exercises, medicines, and suddenly everything is harder than it used to be? Is Joy is just a word?  Well it is time to regroup and take charge make a new future filled with physical and mental energy.  

If you have had enough of only feeling somewhat good, and want to have sustainable vitality create a new  life plan. 
 Step one is to know your blood type.
 Step two is to know your secretor status.
 Step three determine your Geno type.
 Step four build your Life Wellness Plan,
 from your Geno Type and family history.

Contact AGS to schedule an appointment at

New web address www.AGS168.com

AGS, provides health related, education, information, referrals, and wellness suggestions to people who are looking for the best possible mental, and physical health. The personalized  program at AGS is based on individualized and realistic plans for a wellness program.